Ghezal found her love for music at a very young age in Kabul, Afghanistan following the sounds of Mawash, Ahmad Wali and famous Indian singer Lata Mangashkar. In Afghanistan in the 80s women were not able to freely sing and be on the stage as through times of war and hardship it was frowned upon. Ghezal had to wait to begin her music career when coming to America and when her time came, she took off.

in 2002 she recorded her first CD with her loving husband Anil named, Shikayee Gol. Shortly thereafter in 2004, Ghezal and Anil came out with their first DVD – Khatera, which was a big hit in the US and Foreign countries. Her greatest reward for all of her hard work came in 2010, as she was nominated at the ATN Awards in Amsterdam, Holland as the Best Female Singer of Afghanistan.

She continues to follow her passion and dream to make more music for her followers today and she is grateful for everyones support over the years.

Anil began his love for singing at a very young age of nine years old in the fourth grade in Kabul, Afghanistan. He did talent shows at schools and universities all over the city growing into a true talent as he passed through high school. It was when the legendary Radio Show host Jaleel Zaland heard him and asked him to come onto his radio show that Anil truly began his career. In the 80’s Anil was known as Assadullah Heidery (His fathers Maiden name).

Anil began to work for the Radio Station as a music producer and never stopped singing at big shows all over the country while maintaining his relationship with the station. In 1977 Anil came out with his second single which took the country by storm – Sakiya Golizariman. Whilst building his career in Afghanistan him and his family began their voyage to America when his career really lifted.

In 1987 Anil came out with his first ever Album, Hushedeman Gumshuda. Throughout the early 2000’s Anil wrote more and more and began bringing the love of his life, Ghezal into the music scene. In 2002 they came out with a Duet album by the name of Shakyee Gol which hit stores nationwide. Together they launched an extremely successful tour singing in Virginia, New York, San Francisco and Canada. In 2010, they both were invited to the 2010 ATN Music Awards.

Anil now continues to work on his music and his legend continues in the American states. Throughout his life he worked alongside famous singers such as Nashenas, Rahim Mehryar and Ustad Ashim. The video below is dedicated to three of the greatest singers in the history of Afghanistan.